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About DR Naresh Kumar

Dr.Naresh Kumar is a Laparoscopic, Laser and Anorectal Surgeon. He Completed his masters in Surgery(MS) in 2012 under Dr. NTRUHS. He has 8 years of surgical experience. He did his fellowships in Laparoscopy under AMASI, fellowship in Laser Proctology under association of Coloproctology.
He deals with Laser surgeries in Pile(Hemorrhoids), Fistula in Ano, Fissure in Ano, Pilonidal sinus and Varicose veins. He has vast experience in Laparoscopic surgeries like Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy, Lap. Appendicectomy, Lap. Umbilical Hernia, Lap. Incisional Hernia.

He worked as Junior Consultant in Yasodha Hospital, Somajiguda along with Dr. Varughese Mathai, famous Colorectal Surgeon in South India. Also worked as Associate Professor in ESIC Medical College, Santhnagar and Mallareddy Medical College. Presently working in Gandhi Hospital.


   Laser treatment for piles (hemorrhoids)
   Stapler haemorrhoidopexy for piles
   Laser treatment for fissure in ano
   Laser treatment for pilonidal sinus
   Laser treatment for varicose veins
   Laparoscopic gall stones surgery       (cholecystectomy)
   Laparoscopic appendicectomy
   Laparoscopic hernia surgeries


  Working as assistant professor in gandhi hospital, Secunderabad

 8 Years of surgical experience

  Worked as junior consultant in yashoda Hospital, somajiguda

 Worked as associate professor in ESI hospital, sanathnagar

  Worked as consultant in mallareddy narayana hospital


  Trained in laser treatment for piles, Fissures,Fistula in ano and pilonidal sinuses in kolkata under Dr.kalyan kar ,Senior laser surgeon

  Performed hundreds of laser surgeries with best results

  Ano rectal surgeries trained under Dr .varughese mathai,he is famous Colo rectal surgeon in South India

  Performed complex fistula surgeries and sphincter repair with best results

  Performed hundereds of stapler haemorrhoidopexy surgeries for grade 4 n prolapsed piles with best results.

  Advanced treatment(flap cover) for reccurent pilonidal sinuses with best results


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